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05/12/2019Mel Kimberlin Godly Mothers - A Shunnamite Example
Sunday Morning 2 Kings 4:18-20
Godly Mothers are the heartbeat of our nation!
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05/05/2019Mel Kimberlin Unshakable Faith in the Midst of Adversity
Sunday Morning Daniel 3:13-18
How will you react to adversity in your life?
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04/28/2019Mel Kimberlin Servants of Righteousness
Sunday Morning Romans 6:15-18
The idea of being a servant is not appealing to anyone. Yet, Paul thought himself a servant--do you? We must be spiritually familiar with this subject.
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04/14/2019Mel Kimberlin How to Respond to a Need
Sunday Morning Nehemiah 1:1-4
Sometimes, we can be in dire need; or relate with those who are in need. Here, we see how Nehemiah responded to the needs of his people Israel.
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04/07/2019Mike McCoskey The Unchangeable Christ
Sunday Morning Hebrews 13:8
This verse phrases the immutability of God. Change implies imperfection. God is perfect, and as such, He does not change.
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03/31/2019Mel Kimberlin The Shepherd's Voice
Sunday Morning John 10:1-6
Jesus is the Great Shepherd of His sheep; NOT the religious of the day. Jesus teaches regarding the follies of the Pharisees.
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